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売上は全て「Karmagawa」と「Bali Children’s Project」の活動に寄付されバリでの新小学校建設資金や子供たちが使う教材の費用となります。


Brand Info

The brand "mindseeker" was founded in 2016 by members of a creative team that has a deep roots in street culture.

Its clothing inspiration comes from a variety of aspects of street culture, which often can be found in the field of architecture, and graphic art.

The brand is based in Los Angles, CA and holds numerous of strong ties with prominent artists who have been successful worldwide.

The brand is driven by its motto of embracing self-uniqueness, and expressing who you are through what you wear.

Product Info

"Vintage Line" and "Collection Line" are the two existing lines for the brand.

Material and body for Each "Vintage Line" is carefully hand picked, and together creates one final product.

"Collection Line" embodies the uniqueness of street culture through its design. From its silhouette to fabric,

every detail of the product is carefully crafted.


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